Non-surgical management

Prior to embarking on surgery, it is usual to undergo a period of conservative management, or nonsurgical treatment.

After your clinical assessment and review of imaging, both nonsurgical and surgical management options will be discussed. If necessary, referral to physiotherapy or other health professionals will be provided. In many cases, pain may be minimised and function returned without the need for invasive surgical treatment.

Surgical methods

Surgical options for treatment of your condition will be discussed at your appointment.

Mr Einoder utilises the latest arthroscopic techniques to minimise pain and facilitate a rapid recovery and return to activity.  In some settings, historically proven open techniques still provide the best outcome with minimal risks.

Where possible, surgical accuracy is complemented by advanced computer assisted navigaiton.  Mr Einoder will happily discuss new and novel techniques including robotic assisted surgery.

Conditions Treated

  • Shoulder

    Arthroscopic shoulder surgery (keyhole surgery)
    Impingement and Bursitis failing conservative management
    Rotator cuff tears
    Labral tears
    Shoulder instability
    AC joint trauma/arthritis
    Joint Replacement
    Management of complex fractures

  • Knee

    Arthroscopic knee surgery (keyhole surgery)
    Anterior cruciate ligament tears
    Meniscal repair
    Multiple ligament reconstruction
    Management of complex fractures
    Joint preserving osteotomies
    Computer Navigated Joint Replacement

  • Elbow

    Arthroscopic elbow surgery (keyhole surgery)
    Ulna nerve compression\
    Tennis and Golfer’s elbow
    Biceps tendon injuries
    Management of complex fractures

  • Wrist/Hand

    Scaphoid and Wrist fractures
    Ligament repair
    Base of thumb arthritis
    Carpal tunnel release
    Limited and total wrist fusion

  • Hip

    Mr Einoder tailors his approach to hip replacement surgery to the individual needs of each patient. Options include minimally invasive posterior or lateral approaches to the hip joint. These procedures have stood the test of time in reliably curing patient’s joint pain with minimal risk of complications.

  • Ankle

    Fracture management
    Arthroscopic ankle surgery (Keyhole surgery)
    Achilles tendon repair

  • Emergency & Trauma

    In the unfortunate event of an accident, please attend the Hobart Private Hospital emergency department and advise the triage nurse you would like Mr Einoder to be involved in your care. Your injury will be assessed by the emergency doctor who will expedite the necessary imaging and commence initial management. Mr Einoder will make himself available without delay, to continue your care.